Monday, May 5, 2014

Awesome In Bed

I know it, and my Xhusband knows it, but now everyone does.  Read my shirt! "Awesome In Bed"  that about wraps it up.  You can get this mesh shirt & boy shorts in the Sexy & I Know it hunt from Masriaat.

The skin is from Al's still out. 

The hair is a group gift from Tameless.  Click on the hud for a drop down menu to change the color of the hair.

 Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: Tatum (Group Gift, Free) @ Tameless

Outfit: Ora (Sexy & I Know It Stop #88) @ Masriaat

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sexy & I Know It (Part 1)

Sexy & I Know It Hunt is in full effect.  This is just one of a few posts I'll be doing for this hunt.  The hunt has a few really nice things in it.  

Starting off with this sexy skin from Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It can be yours for only 1L.  Don't forget it's boobie friendly as well.

Speaking of boobie friendly this cute dress I'm wearing is boobie & booty friendly too.

The hair is one of the hairs in the freeball on the beach of Analog Dog.

Skin: Unadorned (Sexy & I Know It Stop #40) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Tantrum (Free) @ Analog Dog

Outfit: Illusions Dress (Sexy & I Know It Stop #54)

*Location: Image Essentials

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phat Bottom Girl

So I was in the bloggin' mood & one of my various groups sent out this notice for an outfit.  Went to check it out & it was right up my alley.  Don't adjust your computer screen, this dress is designed to show off your cookie.  The back also exposes your great booty.  Comes with both appliers for maximum applier pleasure.

Al Vulo's group gift is what I've been sporting lately.  And yes, it's boobie friendly as well.  Grab it before they change it again.  Not sure how often they do.

The hair comes from the floating bubble you can find by the beach @ Analog Dog.  It has been tinted.

Dress: Corset Dress Sheer (Group Gift, Free) @ Phat Bottom Girls

 Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

 Hair: Pop Scotch (Free) @ Analog Dog

*Location: Image Essentials

Check Out The Knockers On Bettie Basher

This great outfit comes with shirt, shorts, stockings, socks, & skates (normal & animated).  Try your luck for this outfit that comes in red or blue.  It is also boobie friendly too.

Not sure when Al Vulo changes her skins so if you haven't snagged it yet, you better do it before the first.

Dura has this hair out, I believe its been out since Halloween.  It's these cute pig tails that come in a fatpack of colors.  Just grab the group tag and snag.

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: Halloween Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ Dura

Outfit/Skates: Bettie BasHer (Lucky Board, Free) @ Knockers

* Location: oO RollerBalls Oo

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Whatta Evil Bunny

Tripping around the Urban Fair I came across this kick ass outfit.  It comes with so much shit.  You get the hait, outfit, gloves, collar, make up & tattoo for 1L (boots also included but not shown).  That's right all that for 1L.  Don't miss it.  The outfit is mesh but comes in several sizes.  And the collar has a resizing script.

The hair and skin are from a previous post where to snag them is at the bottom.

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: NMR122 (Group Gift, Free) @ booN

Outfit/Hat/Tattoo/Collar: Punk Evil Bunny 1L by Brii Underground Wear @ Urban Fair

Friday, April 11, 2014

TT's Got What You Need

During my travels, I found this shop named *TT* Designs.  They have this kick ass outfit.  It comes with a mesh jacket, netted top & pants, along with the shoes. 

When you go to booN you can get 3 different hairs for free if you join the group.  With every hair pack you get 15 colors to choose from.

And of course I'm using the Al Vulo skin.

Outfit: Valentine Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ *TT* Design Fashion

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: NMR122 (Group Gift, Free) @ booN

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Slip Into Something Comfy

Koko has moved, and if you go upstairs, to the right is a wall of free items.  This slip dress is one of the items, its delicate and cute.

The hair is a group gift from A&A.  It has amazing work in the back of the hair.

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: Ruthy (Group Gift, Free) @ A&A

Outfit: Slip Dress (Free) @ KOKO

Tie Me Up

Can't get over the Al Vulo skin, if you haven't grabbed it yet don't forget to.  It is truly amazing, with tiny adorable freckles.  And I'm not even a freckle kinda gal.

You can get the hair from the bubble on the beach @ Analog Dog.  I tinted this hair as I love going as a red head.

Rachel Swallows put out this sexy number, with ties everywhere, the back is amazing too.  I'm not normally a  neon green type of girl, but I feel like a chick in the DX army (wrestling reference if you watch it).

Outfit: Strap Me Up (Free) @ Rachel Swallows

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

 Hair: Tantrum (Free) @ Analog Dog

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Sinister....Part IV

 This post will conclude my coverage of the Sinister Goth Hunt.

Analog Dog has this hair in their freeball on the beach.

Aimi Skins has this great skin out for the hunt.

You can hunt for this mesh dress @ Cae.b.

Skin: Claire (Sinister Goth Hunt #25) @ Aimi's Skin

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

Dress: Vain (Sinister Goth Hunt, #29) @ Cae.b

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

* Location: Toxian City

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

Feeling Sinister....Part III

I'm really love this skin.  After I'm done blogging I'm gonna see what it looks like on Julya shape.  Sure its gonna look fanfuckingastic.

I've used this hair a few times in different posts.  It's one of my favorite free hairs I have.  It's in the freeball on the beach of Analog Dog.

The outfit I'm wearing is just one of the 4 outfits you can search for @ Venomous Rage Designs.  This is definitely a keeper.  Also comes with boots not shown.

The shape I am wearing is the shape I have been using to blog all the Sinister Hunt posts.  I put it out for the hunt @ Shame Me Designs.

Skin: Claire (Sinister Goth Hunt #25) @ Aimi's Skin

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

Outfit: Lindsey (Sinister Goth Hunt, #55) @ Venomous Rage Designs

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

Feeling Sinister....Part II

Now I'm not one for much purple but the hunt supplies some seriously sweet items to pull together an awesome look.

Riel has this sweet skin on stop #22.  It's also boobie & booty friendly.

The hair from LaNoir Soleil Designs matches the skin perfectly.  On stop # 38.

This adorable mesh dress can be picked up from No Salvation # 48 on our hit parade.

Skin: Jezebelle (Sinister Goth Hunt #22) @ Riel

Hair: Lolly (Sinister Goth Hunt #38) @ LaNoir Soleil Designs

Dress: Vixen Cocktail Dress (Sinister Goth Hunt #48) @ No Salvation

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

* Location: The City Of Darkness

Feeling Sinister....Part I

I had the joy of being able to participate in the new The Sinister Goth: Vanity hunt going on right now.  You can pick up this shape @ my store Shame Me Designs.

Chichickie sent out a new scribo gift called Annan, its part mesh part flexi.  Love the style.  Just join the scribo and its yours.

The skin is done by my awesome friend Pixy owner of PixyStix.  I especially love this skin cause, well she named it after my RL name.  Which was fucking awesome!  Anyway, go snag it up before the hunt is over.

Redline put this outfit out, I adore the top of the outfit.

Outfit:  Sweety Lengerie (Sinister Goth Hunt, #54)  @ Redline

Skin: Donine (Sinister Goth Hunt, #13) @ PixyStix

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***